Mr. Spinwall began in 2003 as an idea in the mind of Tim Pulver,
AIA, LEED AP, an Architect and Interior Designer in Atlanta, Georgia.
It quickly turned into a multitude of sketches and drawings; when
no hardware could be found after an exhaustive search, it became
CAD drawings, 3D images, and rendered files.  In early 2005, it
became a prototype; in 2006, another prototype.  In Fall of 2007,
it became reality!

The Pulvers finally had the entertainment room (both indoors and
out) of their dreams.  Then the "boys" came over for Sunday races
and football, the high school teens for parties, best friends and
co-workers for movies under the stars, and neighbors just to have
a peek; with them came...
...the amazed looks, dropping jaws, and
gasps with comments like "friggin'
awesome", "holy crap", "you dawg", "oh my
gosh", "I want one", and "let me know
when you're selling your home cause' I
want to buy it!"

Then came another thought; if the Pulvers
enjoy their Mr. Spinwall so much, maybe
others would too!  After a little dreaming
and a lot of planning, marketing studies,
hard work, and patent pending, Mr. Spinwall
is ready to improve
YOUR outdoor
relaxation and entertainment!
©2013 Mr. Spinwall, LLC